Using Analytics to Measure Roller Rink Marketing Success

Using Analytics to Measure Roller Rink Marketing Success

Why Rink Owners Need Analytics to Track Marketing Wins

Get Ready to Geek Out on Metrics, Skate Fam!

My roller skating friends, I’ve got a feeling some eyes might glaze over just reading that headline! I know diving deep into analytics is about as exciting for some as strapping on quad skates for the first time as an adult.
But hear me out: there’s no need to walk (or skate!) away just yet. Because understanding the data behind your digital marketing efforts just might provide the most thrilling ride your rink has taken in years!
I can picture you shaking your heads right now. “Thrilling? Crystal…it’s numbers on a computer screen. Where’s the sparkly thrill in that? And what does it have to do with my roller rink marketing?”

Well, those sparkles show up in the form of new skaters flooding your sessions…birthday parties booked back to back…5 star social media reviews singing your praises…and revenue numbers that make you want to kiss your analytics dashboard!

Still doubtful? Let me convince you. Peep these real life examples from rinks who tapped their inner data geek…

Meet Diane:
After years of slow summer attendance, Diane finally got fed up. Every May she’d watch tumbleweeds drift through her rink while the competition buzzed with activity. She decided it was time to figure out WHY once and for all.
First Diane pulled her website analytics. She discovered that plenty of folks checked out her summer camp webpages but virtually no one clicked the registration button.
Hmmm… Next she made some calls and learned her rink’s reputation for toasty, stuffy air was keeping families away. Yikes!
So Diane tracked down an HVAC company to fix her AC issues, then ran some targeted Facebook ads touting her cooler, refreshed rink. The next summer? Camp sessions overflowing and a 20% revenue bump! Diane said letting the data point the way made all the difference.

Intrigued but still skeptical? Then check this out…
Lee took over operations a few years ago when the former owner retired. Eager to make his mark, Lee decided to combine his MBA skills with his lifelong passion for skating.
He started poring through 3 years of past financial data.
Lee quickly spotted an interesting trend: slick social media posts with ticket giveaways consistently boosted weekend attendance—but only short term.
So he revamped the strategy: instead of random freebies, Lee advertised discount passes for first time skaters good for one FULL month. He promoted these on targeted Instagram and Facebook ads.
The result? Skyrocketing enrollment in lessons and teams when newbies got hooked after a month of discount access! Lee said letting the data shape his marketing was the game changer.

Ok ok, I can feel you slowly coming around to the nerdy number side! So let me seal the deal for you analytics newbies out there with this quick primer.

5 key metrics every rink owner should be tracking to set up their roller rink marketing for success.

Laptop and printed reports with analytical data for roller rink marketing success

Website Sessions

A session is anytime someone interacts with your website. So if 10 people check out a page today, that’s 10 sessions. You want lots of these because it means folks are finding you online! Compare sessions week to week to see if marketing drives growth.

Bounce Rate

This reveals what % of website visitors leave without really looking around. Say 100 people visit your homepage but 90 bail immediately. That’s a 90% bounce rate and suggests your site isn’t engaging visitors. Use this stat to improve page content that hooks people.

Conversion Rate

This measures what % of website visitors convert into business. If 100 people hit your site but only 10 sign up for camp, you have a 10% conversion rate. Optimizing this number means more customers!

Customer Retention

What % of customers repeatedly give you business? High retention means people love skating at your rink! Monitor this number quarterly to ensure you keep skaters coming back.

Marketing Origins

What channels send you the most website traffic and sales? Could be email, social media, local partnerships. Know which marketing works best so you can do more of that!

Start Tracking This Stuff, Stat!

I know your heads are probably spinning with all these unfamiliar terms. So here’s an easy way to digest the data without getting overwhelmed:

  • Choose just 1 or 2 key metrics to focus on improving each month. Like only looking at website bounce rate and conversion numbers. Ignore everything else for the time being.
  • Set a specific goal – maybe decrease bounce rate by 5% month over month. Then try different homepage layouts and content offers to inch closer to the goal.
  • Celebrate the small wins! Even a 1% improvement means your marketing tweaks are working.

The point is not to immediately transform into a black belt data ninja overnight. It’s to slowly embed metrics into your business routine. Before you know it, you’ll be making data driven decisions on the daily!

Whew, still here after that data dump? Gold stars to you all!

Hopefully now you see that analytics don’t have to be intimidating. In fact, they can unlock game changing growth opportunities for your rink! The key is to start small and let the numbers guide your next marketing moves. Stop guessing what works and learn directly from your customers instead.
Because at the end of the day, analytics allow us to create even more joyful, community driven skating spaces. And now that’s something ALL skate enthusiasts can geek out over!

Let me know what you think of this intro to analytics below. What metrics are YOU excited to start tracking for your rink? Think happy skaters and revenue gains!

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