4 Target Audience Profiles That Should be the Focus of any Roller Rink

Get To Know Your Target Audience Profile Inside and Out

Digging Into Rink Audience Demographics and Habits

Have you peeked at your rink’s website analytics lately? I always get a kick out of scrolling through the data to see who’s dropping by and what pages catch their interest. It’s like getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your audience!

But analytics only reveal part of the story when it comes to identifying exactly WHO makes up your Audience. And knowing your core people inside and out is crucial for giving them what they want.

Really digging into your core audience and leaning into their likes and dislikes is the way you transform your customers from occasional visitors into lifelong fans, skaters and sometimes even like a second family as your build a community around your rink.

So today let’s peel back the layers beyond basic data. We’ll explore specific demographics and behavioral profiles so you can intimately understand your crowd. Then use that insight to customize your offerings and marketing just for them!

Let’s get to know our skate crowds…

Families First

The heart and soul of many rinks, you surely welcome tons of excited kiddos bounding in with stressed out parents in tow. We’re talking wild 4 year old birthday parties, overflowing weekend public sessions, and rowdy Friday night school skates.

Families may only skate occasionally, but they show up in droves. Appeal to them with:

  • Bulk ticket packs that save money
  • Punch cards they can use flexibly for parties or sessions
  • Daytime preschool and toddler skates, or low sensory skates
  • Messaging focused on family memory making

The Regulars

You know them well…the loyal crew who basically live at the rink! We’re talking your youth competitive team and their families devotedly sitting at 6AM practices with triple shot lattes. Adults and Retirees who schedule their week around Adult Skate Night. Teens glued to phones waiting to meet their squad in the snack bar after school.

These are your rink BFFs who feel most at home on wheels. Wow them with:

  • VIP membership perks like monthly swag, free admissions and sneak peek events
  • Overnight lock-ins, movie nights and skate trips to reward their devotion
  • Surprise “regulars only” promotions to make them feel special

Lesson Graduates

A prime chance to create life long skaters! You nurtured their skills for 8 weeks (more or less) and now they’ve conquered backward crossovers or mastered shoot the duck. Don’t lose them after graduation day! Entice grads to stay with:

  • “Alumni” meetups so they connect beyond class weeks
  • Discounts on continued semi-private refreshers
  • Invites to checking out your rec league or competitive teams and shows


An unexpected but awesome audience – the friends and family who just like to watch from the sidelines! Besides big events like competitions and holidays, you may see regulars who swing by the snack bar to chill while the kids practice. Or couples who grab a bench to relax on date nights.

Make your rink enticing for non skaters too with:

  • Free WiFi and phone charging stations
  • Local art displays, photo booths and fun decor beyond the skate floor
  • Menu offerings beyond hot dogs and fries like gourmet pizzas and healthy grains bowls!

What other niche groups fill your sessions? School friends meeting up? First responders on evening stress relief skates? Write in and tell me who else rolls through your rink!

4 Target Audience Profiles That Should be the Focus of any Roller Rink

Now that we’ve broken down key segments, let’s overlay some broader demographic details so you really know your people…

Kids Still Rule

Despite rising interests from millennials and Gen Z, most rinks still shine brightest for the shorties. Kids ages 5-12 make up over 40% of customers, while teens ages 13-17 account for almost 25%.

So programming expressly for sub 18 year olds remains vital. Fun themes, glow skates, youth speed team tryouts, on-site birthday parties…you know the drill!

That said, maintain perspective when little Tyler’s mom requests DJ Kitty Meow Mix as the soundtrack for his 8th birthday…the kiddos may rule but adult customers keep the lights on!

More Female Than Male

Across ages, women tend to love skating a bit more than the dudes! Industrywide about 60% of roller skaters are female.

So be sure to balance your musical playlists and marketing images between girl power and the guys. Female oriented sessions with killer Beyoncé remixes are awesome but don’t alienate your loyal band of beer league bros still proudly rocking their 60s style quads!

Underlying Conditions

This demographic trend surfaced during COVID but persists today…a whopping 82% of rink goers cite health and wellness as a main reason they strap on skates!

Looks like our community discovered their inner zen during lockdowns and learned skating doubles as joyride through the park AND secret workout. Make wellness motivation a bigger part of your marketing to attract all the new(ish) fitness fans!

Suburban Hubs

When it comes to physical locations, rinks in small cities or inner ring suburbs tend to draw the largest crowds. Skaters will drive up to 25 miles for a homey community space that makes fitness fun.

So even if you’re not in a huge metropolis, don’t fret! Leaning into that neighborhood vibe in your marketing and messaging can be more appealing anyway.

Phew, still with me after that deep dive into our community DNA? Hopefully now you’re brimming with ideas on how to fine tune your offerings and marketing even more.

Because at the end of the day, this isn’t just random stats – it’s insight into the living, breathing humans who walk through our doors every day. People who trust us to give them joy, confidence, exercise and community powered by wheels of steel!

We owe it them to understand what makes them tick, then deliver the stellar skating experiences they crave.

So tell me: what’s ONE takeaway from this audience download you can’t wait to act on at your rink? Customize a class for teens? Add better snack bar food? Anything to thrill your core customers!

And if you have more intel to add about the fabulous folks who roll through your doors, comment below! The more we know collectively the better all our rinks can be.

Let’s keep giving skaters the love they deserve!

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